Savana Boulevard is the brainchild of myself (Sheilagh K), a result of mild employment frustration and a few glasses of moscato. The brand started out with me selling women's intimate apparel from a suitcase in the corner of my sister's shop in Uganda.

"A SAVY QUEEN exudes effortless confidence that emanates from being her true self in all situations, she  is one who takes a smart approach at everything she does in life".

January 2018 we opened our first store location in Uganda selling lingerie, intimate apparel and adult novelties. We soon expanded into other areas of fashion and styling that I didn't even know with the help of my one man team: Manager- Peninah who runs our Ugandan store. 

Having established ourselves in that area, I looked to break into the North American market as a small business boutique owner in Gatineau QC with a twist. Like most of us spending money on thousands on clothes we cannot use again irks my spirit deeply. So I decided to create a shopping experience for women to rent from basic  to high end clothing with the option to buy.

Our closet is also available for female content creators and businesses that require these items for create content for their clientele or growth. 

In addition to apparel I stock curated gift sets for all occasions because If you are like me, you hate getting horrible gifts or the struggle involved in looking for birthday/wedding/retirement/anniversary etc.


Stay Savy!