The Decision to become a "Boss Mama"

I always stared at self employment from a very apprehensive lens, for the most part just not having a guaranteed income at the end of a certain period terrified still does but not as much.

I was raised to follow the beaten path:  attend a decent university that will not bring shame upon our people. Then get two degrees: undergrad and a masters degree in fields that will not bring shame to the family. Look for a worthy job within a very unrealistic amount of time from graduation because tuition fees for international students is crippling.I would then have to  work my way to retirement all the while fostering a solid marriage with children and strong visible relationship with God whilst not bringing shame upon the family!

Social Sciences, that's always been my passion, my cousin calls it having a "bleeding heart" ...I was fortunate enough to work in my dream field after my first degree but non profit is a very fickle beetch, several organisations  I worked for were fully dependent on funding so a lot of those contracts ended too soon. Couple of years later I got a job in Public administration, an area I always toyed with as a possible career path. After a 4 year career path detour , I can safely say hell to the naw! 

After I found out I was having my daughter, I reapplied for a job back into public admin solely for job security, When  my employer put in me a position that  meant I would  not able to have maternity leave after a C-section forcing me me to work 4week post poartum, I decided I was fed up. 

Join me as I share with my journey to "Boss Mama" status and some possibly hazy childhood memories... 

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