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Meet Sheilagh

Welcome! Fancy seeing you here

Welcome to my blog!


I am your average four limb having, donut loving human being, mother to one adorable Tiny terror. I started writing in kindergarten because I obviously had a handle on my future plans at that stage, but I opted to hide my work as I cultivated a unique level of social anxiety and people pleasing.

I work full time in Public Administration which eats my soul on the daily, in 2017 when I was denied maternity leave I decided that working for “the man” will not do long term.

 I opened my Lingerie boutique (Savana Boulevard) in Uganda and have been putting the remnants of my energy into getting that off the ground.

Thank you so much for being here, join me as I share my hazy life journey, stand warned my sense of humor can be a wee bit  dark so if you are easily offended this is definitely the blog for your emotional needs.



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